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We would like to present to you the brand new Gary Hughes audio track for "All At Once It Feels Like I Believe", from his brand new solo album, "Waterside" - his first in 14 years - which is being released today!

Additionally, today marks the release day of his career spanning double CD best of collection entitled "Decades", which encompasses three decades of his solo work in a newly Remastered format. This double album offers some of the best Hughes' songs taken from his releases, “Precious Ones”, “Veritas”, "Once and Future King Parts I and II” and his self-titled release "Gary Hughes". It also includes some rare tracks which were originally only released in Japan on the “In Your Eyes” EP. "Decades" is an album full of his influences and experiences and opens the door to the past while looking to his future at the same time. Order links: "Waterside": "Decades":

"It is great to step back into solo mode again for a short while. The songs on my new 'Waterside' album are filled with light and shade. Very much lighter than my heavier and deeper Ten material. We live in such testing times and I have tried to create a piece of Melodic AOR that might lift the spirits and allow for a little much needed escapism. There is definitely a positive feel good factor to this collection of songs and I truly hope the fans enjoy listening to it," enthuses Hughes The aforementioned feel good factor is never so prevalent as in the song and video for the title track 'Waterside'. Hughes explains, "The Waterside video is a very straight forward jacket, jeans and Fender Telecaster affair. A slice of Anglo-Americana. A nod back to the mid '80s and the golden age of laid back melodic rock. We enjoyed making this one immensely!"

Over the course of three decades in music, Gary Hughes has established himself as one of England's premiere Melodic Rock/Hard Rock singers and songwriters. With fourteen TEN studio albums, one rock opera (in two parts), and much more, the body of work that he has amassed during his career is truly impressive. Gary's work with his band TEN offers a hard rock sound which is rooted in the tradition of bands such as UFO, WHITESNAKE, and RAINBOW. Historically, his solo material has offered a more melodic sound which has strong roots in the late 80’s AOR and Melodic Rock scene. The new solo album,“Waterside,” marks his long awaited return to Melodic Rock. This is also his first new solo album since his“Veritas" release well over a decade ago.

Musically, this is what you would expect from Gary as a follow up to his self-titled solo record and “Precious Ones,” but also it includes hints of early Ten (the more melodic moments of “X” and “The Name of the Rose,” as a reference point).

Assisting Gary in the creation of this new solo album are his Ten bandmates Dann Rosingana (guitars) and Darrel Treece-Birch (drums), with David Rosingana appearing on bass and Karen Fell and Scott Hughes helping on background vocals. If you like British Melodic Rock, then look no further, “Waterside” is an awesome example of how truly stunning the style can be!

Waterside Tracklist: 1. All At Once It Feels Like I Believe 2. Electra- Glide 3. Lay Down 4. The Runaway Damned 5. Screaming In The Half Light 6. Waterside 7. Video Show 8. Save My Soul 9. Seduce Me 10. When Love Is Done

Line-up: Gary Hughes – Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitars Dann Rosingana – Lead Guitar David Rosingana – Bass Guitar Darrel Treece-Birch – Keyboards and Drums Karen Fell – Backing Vocals Scott Hughes – Lead and Backing Vocals

Decades Tracklist: CD1 1. First Light 2. Wrecking Machine 3. Perfect Ten 4. In Your Eyes 5. Veritas 6. Dragon Island Cathedral 7. The Night The Love Died 8. This Thing Of Beauty 9. Seducer 10. Look At The Rain 11. It Must Be Love 12. We Walk With Angels 13. Heart Of A Woman 14. The Everlasting Light 15. Precious Ones

CD2 1. Blonde Angel 93’ 2. I Won’t Break Your Heart 3. Give My Love A Try 4. The Colours Of My Life 5. Divided We Fall 6. All I Want Is You 7. Wide Awake In Dreamland 8. There By The Grace Of The Gods (Go I) 9. Lies 10. The Miracle Is You 11. Be My Fantasy Tonight 12. This Time 13. Synchronicity 14. All Fall Down

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