X - 1996
Release Date: May 15, 1996

Label: Now & Then Records (NTHEN 27)

Producer: Gary Hughes, Mike Stone


All songs written by Gary Hughes except where noted.


    1.The Crusades/It's All About Love – 8:06      

    (Hughes/Vinny Burns)
    2.After the Love Has Gone – 5:27
    3.Yesterday Lies In the Flames – 5:06
    4.The Torch – 5:25
    5.Stay With Me – 5:52
    6.Close Your Eyes and Dream – 6:24
    7.Eyes of a Child – 5:02
    8.Can't Slow Down – 5:29
    9.Lamb to the Slaughter – 4:50
    10.Soliloquy/The Loneliest Place In the World – 10:30


    Gary Hughes – lead and backing vocals
    Vinny Burns – guitars
    Greg Morgan – drums and percussion
    Mark Harrison – bass guitar
    Lee Goulding – keyboards
    Howard Smith – keyboards
    Andy Thompson – keyboards
    Francis Cummings – first violin
    Peter Leighton-Jones – first violin
    John Wade – first violin
    Fiona Payne – second violin
    Julia Parsons – second violin
    Jean Ambrose – viola
    Anne Morrison – viola
    Anna Frazer – cello


    Executive Producers – Mark Ashton and Vinny Burns
    Mixing – Mike Stone
    Engineer – Mike Stone, Audu Obaje, Ray Brophy, Gavin Fernie 
    and Kirk Podmore

1. The Crusades



It’s All About Love

Taken in the night

From my wildest dreams

She was drawn into the light

Where she became reality

Now the days roll by like thunder

In the lightfield maze

Nature resounds as

We’re called to ground

And brought into phase


When she holds me so close

I swear I wanna die in her arms

And she loves me so much I taste

The paradise in her heart

Like a shooting star…


It’s all about love…

The war we’re fighting for

It’s all about love

It’s all about love…

The war to find a cause

It’s all about love


She’s beautiful, she’s a princess,

No shoes on her feet

I was haunted by the nightmares

‘Till she came to set me free

Now we live as one in the kingdom

Where passion reigns

In the midst of making love I feel it

Coarse through her veins


With her touch and her sighs I get

Adrenalized with desire

As I stare in her eyes she makes me

Energize in the fire

Let the flames burn higher…

2. After The Love Has Gone

If we should come too close,

We run away

Didn’t we want this after all

Climbing so high that

We become afraid

What if we can’t survive the fall

For as we dance the orchestra plays

Blind and scoreless

Still the symphony never strays


Even when the moonlight turns your

Heart to stone

Lying side by side, feels like

You’re all alone

Those eyes, wide awake ‘til dawn

Watch an endless night

After the love has gone


Are we just faces from a masquerade?

Banging our heads against the wall

These are the days we rush

To come of age

No turning back, but I recall…


A place where midsummer madness

Played with the senses

On the edge of a timeless page


Once upon a cold night

On the wings of a storm

In enchanted light,

Lovers and dreams were born

Soul rise, life’s eternal sun

That grows old and dies

After the love has gone


Love is the tapestry life can fray

At the corners

But its colours should never fade

When your love has gone

Love becomes a fine wine

Slowly spilt from the grail

It’s a bed of nails no-one can lie upon.


3. Yesterday Lies In The Flames

What can I do,

I get insane without you near

How can I sleep without you here

You touch me in a way

That words cannot explain

But how it feels. is more than real


I never knew that it could be

This way with you

Making me whole, feeding my soul

And nothing can deface

The temples we embrace

Until the dawn, we journey on


I’m on fire tonight

Yesterday lies in the flames

Burning with emotion we rise

On this pyre tonight,

Yesterday dies in the flames,

We watch our destiny rise

From the flames


If I can choose

This love will never be abused
Always be near, warm and sincere

I’ll never let you know that pain of

What it means to be alone

I need you so


Day after day

None of the energy decays

Nothing to fear, everything’s clear

The frequencies of love,

To give receiving of

Becoming one… It has begun


I’m on fire tonight

Yesterday lies in the flames

Burning with emotion we rise

On this pyre tonight,

Yesterday dies in the flames,

As a phoenix we rise from the flames.


4. The Torch

One precious moment

One measure of proof

Is all I need to make me run to you

A flash of light beyond

A guide sign blue

In those eyes no disguise

Could hide the truth


You’re almost human

When you show how you feel

But things you say can cloak

What love reveals

I need the woman

That your words conceal

For tonight only flesh and blood

Is real…


Lady turn you light on,

Make me know that you’re there

I can’t wait anymore

We could fly if you dare

So turn your light on,

For I’m waiting for you

Let the woman inside you

Pull me through…

To carry the torch


Make love ‘till daybreak

And I can’t keep away

As no two nights are ever

Quite the same

For when I think that all

My strength is drained

Then I crawl on my knees

To you again


As daylight breaks

Across the morning sky

She saved a dance

To greet the dawning light

I realize that as I watch her flow

There are things only I will ever know…

5. Stay With Me

If you look into my eyes

Say you don’t need paradise

Then I won’t wait around for your call

But I don’t think you can,

For the truth is I’m your man

Baby lead me with your heart

And you’re mine


Stay with me,

Reach for the light, keep us together

Stay with me,

Give me a call tonight…


Stay with me,

May you and I go on forever

Stay with me,

 Give love another try


Are you thinking of me

Is he thin reality

Do I walk through your dreams

In the night

Cause for you, can’t you see

That no-one compares with me

So wake up baby,

You know that you’re mine…

After all this time


There’ll come a day

When baby you will know

I’m deep inside you

And I touch your soul


So give into something

You can’t control

After all this time baby,

You can’t let me go

Stay with me… You’re mine

You know that you’re mine…

I’m everything you need

I love you baby… You love me baby…

And there’s no way out


Stay with me

I think you know that you’re mine

I could be yours for life, darling

Stay with me

Search you heart and you’ll find me there

Give love another try…

6. Close Your Eyes And Dream

I watch you sleep

You’re everything I hoped for

But never dreamed of finding

I can’t believe, that all I’ve ever wanted

Is lying here beside me


Hold me now, there’s a beacon

And it shines in me like gold

Tonight, for it cannot be

Denied in me so

Hold me now, I can see a new horizon

In my soul,

So lose control


Close your eyes and dream

You’re safe within my arms tonight

And this love will last a lifetime

Everything we need

Is ours under the stars tonight

Every wish is my command

The words that lie behind your eyes

Mean everything to me

So I’ll hold you while you

Close your eyes and dream


You’re safe with me

I’ll chase away the nightmares

I’ll shield you ’till the storm

Runs and you will see

I’ll always leave a light there

To burn until the dawn comes


Hold me now, there’s a beacon

And it shines in me like gold

Tonight, for it cannot be

Denied in me so

Hold me now, I can see a new horizon

In my soul,

I won’t let go


Close your eyes and dream

You’re safe within my arms tonight

And this love will last a lifetime

Everything we need

Is ours under the stars tonight

Every wish is my command

The words that lie behind your eyes

Mean everything to me

So I’ll hold you while you

Close your eyes and dream

7. Eyes Of A Child


You and I, life’s great ravine

On separate sides

A hundred miles between

But my love, all is not lost

For life is just another bridge to cross


Little girls say “Little boys… don’t grow up just change their toys”

Trade the innocence, passion for purity

Cast away those silly games

Leaving only stale remains


Then we fool ourselves,

Call it maturity

When we fool ourselves,

Call it maturity


It’s little wonder such a sad refrain

Dulls our spirit of adventure

On the way

Now I’m asking so you have to tell

“Are you still my comic Angel?”


Looking through the

Eyes of a child tonight

Driving me wild tonight

Can I unwrap you girl?

Looking through the

Eyes of a child tonight

Try to decide tonight

How I can trap you girl


Trust me I’m a doctor

God I need a nurse…

Take me for a physical


Little boys say “Little girls grow materialistic curves, sell their souls for wealth, call it security”

They invariably find loveless

Money leaves behind

Such a bitter taste

Love is the only way


Where’s the laughter we exhibited

Is it lying by the wayside where it fell

When did we become inhibited

Be yourself my comic Angel


You can be the captain

I’m all the crew you need…

Ready for a mutiny


Show me, you’re the teacher

I would like to learn…

Catch a girl, Kiss a girl



Childhood scenes of you and me

Still reaching out to live our fantasies

Part of you, another side

That you won’t ever have to

Hide from me

We can see this world will be

A better place,

It’s not too late to dream…


9. Lamb To The Slaughter

She’s getting’ ready, burnin’ with desire

She’s got a flame in her heart

There’s no way that you can

Put out that fire

You’re gonna get it,

Got you in her sights

She’s gonna tear you apart

For no chains could try

To hold her tonight


And when you’re not quite sure

If she’s gonna let her lover survive

She puts her pedal to the metal

Screamin’ that she won’t be denied


She’ll lead you like a

Lamb to the slaughter

Kissing the knife, she’s an animal

Man to the slaughter

Wild in the sheets… Man she’s a killer


She’s getting’ ready, sheds another skin

And by the look on her face

It’s a dangerous position you’re in

Her aim is steady, in for the attack

And she may purr like a cat

But her claws will leave

Some scars on your back


In the jungle night

She’s no stranger to the danger zone

And the candlelight

Is no place to face the lion alone


She’s the perfect lover

So much better than the other before

But you pay her debt

When you fly, without a net

And you fall… You fall…

10. Soliloquy (Instrumental)
The Loneliest Place In The World

You’re my life, my past, my future

No-one can come close to you

Words are hard to summon

But I’ve never loved a woman

How I love you… So completely true

There are books of lives and lovers

Mine begins and ends with you

There between the covers

Lies a love so many others

Only dream to feel… But for us it’s real


So shelter me in your caress

Our love outshines the diamond,

Pales the pearl

Any place without you near

Is the loneliest place in the world


Under you, my darling Angel

I have built a pedestal

As my soul companion,

There’s a canyon setting you

And womankind apart…

Deep within my heart


So shelter me in your caress,

Our love has weathered storms

And still come through

But isn’t that the way it is

I’m not trying to hide

What I’m feeling inside

I can’t live without you,

There’s nowhere to hide


When the coldest steel is emptiness

Without your love my life

Would be absurd

For I can see beyond the tears

To the loneliest place in the world


You are the girl who means

The world to me

You’re the most beautiful

There’s ever been

You have it all my love you’re all I see

Oh believe in me

There’s no way but you darling,

Nothing can keep us apart


Through the years the pen is slowing

Every line dries hard and yet

Let the pages crumble,

For as long as ink is flowing

I will never let you have one regret…





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