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We are very happy to announce that Rocktopia Records will issue a limited edition Double CD collection entitled "Battlefield - The Rocktopia Records Collection"!

Signed to Rocktopia Records in 2014 and following a similar fashion to their one-two release of their much lauded debut album “X” and the follow-up “Name of the Rose” in a 6 month period back in 1996, TEN released “Albion” and “Isla De Muerta” in November 2014 and May 2015 respectively. Both albums gained highly positive reviews with Gaetano Di Falco’s wonderful art making striking covers. 2015 also saw the release of the first EP for the band in 16 years (after 1999’s “Fear The Force”), entitled “Dragon And Saint George”, which contained 3 exclusive bonus tracks.

With “Albion” now completely sold out, it seemed a great idea to collect all the Ten songs from their Rocktopia Records period – including all the Japanese bonus tracks and exclusive EP tracks - onto one Limited Edition double CD release (500 copies only), which would sell for the price of a single CD.

This new collection is entitled “Battlefield – The Rocktopia Records Collection” and once again has a wonderful exclusive cover by Gaetano Di Falco. The collection will be released on June 17, 2016, via Rocktopia Records.



1. Alone In The Dark Tonight

2. Battlefield

3. It’s Alive

4. Albion Born

5. Sometimes Love Takes The Long Way Home

6. A Smuggler’s Tale

7. It Ends This Day

8. Die For Me

9. Gioco D’Amore

10. Wild Horses

11. Good God In Heaven What Hell Is This †

12. The Prodigal Saviour ♦

13. Is There Anyone With Sense ♦


1. Buccaneers (Instrumental)/Dead Men Tell No Tales

2. Tell Me What To Do

3. Acquiesce

4. This Love

5. The Dragon And Saint George

6. Intensify

7. Karnak (Instrumental)/Valley Of The Kings

8. Revolution

9. Musketeers – Soldiers Of The King ♦

10. Angel Of Darkness

11. The Last Pretender

12. We Can Be As One

13. Assault And Battery †

† Japanese Bonus Track ♦ Exclusive EP Track

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